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My son has a girlfriend. He loves her. They have been dating for over two years. My son is a guitarist and loves writing songs. He especially loves to write songs for his girlfriend. I am amazed how many songs he writes about her. They are so sweet too. He writes about her blue eyes, her smile, and her friendship. He writes about how she makes him happy and fills his life with joy.

I often look at my husband and teasingly ask him, “So where’s my song?” I remember when my husband wrote me songs during our courtship and during the early years of our marriage. And though I am sure I still inspire my husband for a song, he hasn’t written one in quite sometime. And it is okay. He affirms his love for me in other ways too.

So as I ask my husband, “Where’s my song?” I felt convicted. I felt the Lord God Almighty was asking me, “So where’s my song, Rosi?” Gulp.

It is true in my early years of knowing the Lord, I had written a few songs for Him in worship. And I have bouts of inspiration here and there, but it has been sparse. My lips are not always willing to burst out into song. My devotional mornings turn more and more into getting quickly to my prayer requests.

“Where’s my song?” I hear that question now almost every morning, and I pause now and sing His praises. Now we don’t need to write a song of praise in order to worship, but it seems to me our hearts should be filled with worship and burst forth in song as if it were a brand new song.

After all, singing songs for our loved ones affirms our love and our joy in being in relationship. And singing a song to the Lord is a wonderful act of worship and affirmation that He is our God.

Where’s my song, Lord? Here is my song for today: “You are my God, and I will give you thanks. You are my God, and I will exalt you. Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good and his love endures forever.”

How about you? Is the Lord asking you, “Where’s my song?”


© Copyright 2015 by Rosi Fowler

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