Buzz Lightyear  Ride
Buzz Lightyear Ride

Our 2015 summer was busy and full of activity.  My youngest son graduated from high school and prepared for college in the fall.   My middle son got married, so we also spent most of the summer with wedding activities.  My oldest son came back home for his brother’s wedding. Our home was full.   

And then when the summer ended, all my sons left.  My oldest returned to North Carolina where he now resides.  My married son went to his new home. My youngest went off to college.  One by one, they left.  The house was suddenly quiet.   Empty nest…. 

In one sense I was relieved to finally rest from a busy summer.  I had gotten behind in so many of my responsibilities at home and for planning women’s ministry activities.  So for the first three weeks I played catch up.  That was okay.  But when I finished, things were quiet again. I didn’t like it.

 So my husband made plans for us to get away.  We decided to go to Disney.  We scheduled fours days at a Disney Resort, and we purchased the pass that allowed us to go to any park we wanted during our stay.

 I have always loved Disney.  But we always went to Disney on a budget with our family of five.  And now it was just the two of us.  I felt bad initially that we weren’t bringing the family along.  I didn’t even want to tell them.  It felt strange, like we were doing something naughty behind their backs.  But I soon got over it.  It was so much fun!

 We stayed at a Disney resort which was something we had never been able to afford as a family.   We ate whatever we wanted.  We made reservations to eat at fancy dining areas in the parks – again something we couldn’t afford to do when we went as a family.

 We visited the attractions we wanted.  We took our time.  We walked and enjoyed the shows.  We even bought snacks at Disney.  We held hands.  And even though there were plenty of people there, sometimes it felt like it was just the two of us. All alone in one of the funnest places to be on earth.   

It was nice to be a couple again.  And our stay at Disney reminded me again how much I Iove being with my husband.  Since then we have had many days of just “the two of us.”  Although I still find the house quiet from time to time.