Put Your Dream to the Test: 10 Questions to Help You See It and Seize It, by John Maxwell

I am now in the empty nest, and so I found the book to be very apropos. I have been trying to figure out the next season of my life this past year. Here are some great quotes from the book. I limited it to ten, but I highlighted so much more.  Enjoy!

  1. When the dream is right for the person and the person is right for the dream, the two cannot be separated from each other.
  2. Everyone experiences failure in pursuit of dreams.  One of your goals is to keep hanging on…until you finally become successful.
  3. Do something every day that relates to your dream.
  4. The real difference between a dream and wishful thinking is what you do day to day.
  5. All dreams are outside our comfort zone.  Leaving that zone is a price we must pay to achieve them.
  6. Dreams don’t come quickly or easily. And the rewards often don’t come until very late.
  7. The timing will never be perfect for you to pursue your dream, so you might as well start now.  If you don’t, then next year you’ll be a year older and not a step closer to it.
  8. Lead your life instead of just accepting your life.
  9. If you want to achieve a dream…you have to be willing to pay a price…that’s why dream believers are in abundance and dream buyers are rare.
  10. When you’re 18, you worry about what everybody is thinking about you. When you’re 40, you don’t give a darn what anybody thinks of you. When you’re 60, you realize that nobody has been thinking about you at all!

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