Where’s My Song?

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My son has a girlfriend. He loves her. They have been dating for over two years. My son is a guitarist and loves writing songs. He especially loves to write songs for his girlfriend. I am amazed how many songs he writes about her. They are so sweet too. He writes about her blue eyes, her smile, and her friendship. He writes about how she makes him happy and fills his life with joy.

I often look at my husband and teasingly ask him, “So where’s my song?” I remember when my husband wrote me songs during our courtship and during the early years of our marriage. And though I am sure I still inspire my husband for a song, he hasn’t written one in quite sometime. And it is okay. He affirms his love for me in other ways too.

So as I ask my husband, “Where’s my song?” I felt convicted. I felt the Lord God Almighty was asking me, “So where’s my song, Rosi?” Gulp.

It is true in my early years of knowing the Lord, I had written a few songs for Him in worship. And I have bouts of inspiration here and there, but it has been sparse. My lips are not always willing to burst out into song. My devotional mornings turn more and more into getting quickly to my prayer requests.

“Where’s my song?” I hear that question now almost every morning, and I pause now and sing His praises. Now we don’t need to write a song of praise in order to worship, but it seems to me our hearts should be filled with worship and burst forth in song as if it were a brand new song.

After all, singing songs for our loved ones affirms our love and our joy in being in relationship. And singing a song to the Lord is a wonderful act of worship and affirmation that He is our God.

Where’s my song, Lord? Here is my song for today: “You are my God, and I will give you thanks. You are my God, and I will exalt you. Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good and his love endures forever.”

How about you? Is the Lord asking you, “Where’s my song?”


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Mothering in the Internet Age

Here is an article from The Gospel Coalition blog encouraging young moms to seek guidance from older women.

Our mothers and grandmothers relied on their pediatricians to answer their parenting questions. Their mothers relied upon the experience of their own mothers and other older women. Now, internet research has become an integral part of mothering. Need to know why your child wets the bed? Want a natural remedy for diaper rash? Want the latest research on delaying vaccinations?  Continue reading.


















Claiming My Son’s Room

My firstborn son moved out of the house, and now he is on his own in a different state, working and living in his own apartment. He cleaned out his room and packed up all his belongings – emptying his closet, dresser, bookshelves and his desk – leaving only behind some of his childhood paraphernalia. Due to a prior commitment, I was not able to be home the day he left. So I did not watch him pack up his car and drive away. I was crying enough from a distance knowing he was leaving at that exact hour.

My husband called and told me how hard it was for him to watch our firstborn leave. I told him to please shut the door to our son’s bedroom because I did not want to see an empty room when I got back. For weeks the bedroom door stayed shut. I couldn’t bear to open the door and see an empty room where only small remnants of my son’s life remained.

Fast forward a month later and I finally decided to open the door to my son’s room. I took a deep breath and steadied myself. I told myself that I was not going to cry. It is just a room with four walls, and it is attached to our home, and I need to go into the room and see what needs to be cleaned. I opened the knob quickly, took a quick survey and shut the door.

In the time that followed it got easier to go in and out of his bedroom. I did break down a couple of times, but it wasn’t too bad. I had to tell myself repeatedly, and still do, that he is not my little boy anymore. He is a man.

Six months later I was feeling frustrated that I couldn’t find privacy to read my Bible, write and pray. There didn’t seem to be any room in the house where I could shut the world out for just an hour to pray and think and write.  No room seemed cozy enough for me to sit with my journal. I wanted a study. Then it dawned on me. What about my son’s room? It has a desk, and there is a door that I can shut. Can I really claim my son’s room to make it a study for me?

I first started using the room to have my quiet time and devotions. Then as I grew more comfortable using the room, I finally gave myself the freedom to do it. I gave myself permission to claim my son’s room and make it my study. So I transferred all my journals, notebooks and books. I brought over my guitar too. I even have a place for my coffee mug each morning.

It has been freeing to be able to move on. I have two more sons. One is in college, and the other is a senior graduating from homeschool at the end of this year. People have asked me, “What are you going to do with yourself when your youngest graduates this year?”

My experience with my firstborn has given me a glimpse that I can in fact move on. I can begin to explore and allow to blossom passions that have been sitting dormant during all my wonderful happy stay-at-home, homeschooling mom years. My empty nest is not too far away, and I know I will experience sorrow. But at the same I am excited that I can in fact make plans for my new self to come. My life is not over, only just beginning a new stage, and I am looking forward to it.


The “Good Enough” Mom from ThrivingFamily.com

Here is a nice soothing article for all us wanna-be “Supermoms” from ThrivingFamily.com written by Dr. Juli Slattery:

The “Good Enough” Mom

by Dr. Juli Slattery

My son Andrew begged me to come on his field trip and be a parent driver. I calculated that I could work a half day before joining my son at the school, and this would be one of those few times I could feel like “supermom” … Click here to read the rest.

Be at rest once more, O my soul, for the Lord… Psalm 116:7

This quote by John Calvin comes from Day 303 in the devotional Heart Aflame:

If the faithful regain their peace of mind only when God manifests himself as their deliverer, what room is there for the exercise of faith, and what power will the promises possess?  For, assuredly, to wait calmly and silently for those indications of God’s favour, which he conceals from us, is the undoubted evidence of faith.  And strong faith quiets the conscience, and composes the spirit; so that, according to Paul, “the peace of God, which passes all understanding,” reigns supremely there (Phil. 4:7).

Calvin, John. (1999). Heart Aflame Daily Readings from Calvin on the Psalms. Phillipsburg, NJ: P&R Publishing Company.

My Worth Is Not In What I Own by The Gettys

The Getty’s have just released a limited edition EP called the Green Grass Sessions. It is available through their website at Gettymusic.com. It includes a beautiful song I heard for the first time at the Women’s Gospel Coalition Conference this past May in Orlando. The song is called My Worth Is Not in What I Own. Keith and Kristen Getty allowed the attendees to download a free demo version of this song. I have listened to it so many times. This song is so worshipful and it has ministered to my soul.

Book Review, True Beauty by Carolyn Mahaney & Nicole Whitacre

True Beauty, by Carolyn Mahaney and Nicole Whitacre

I just finished reading True Beauty for the second time. This time I took lots of notes on my laptop. What an amazing book for all Christian women both young and old to read. Have you ever gotten frustrated or discouraged about your looks? I have. And it has been more frustrating and discouraging as I have gotten older. My beauty woes have become obsessive trying to keep wrinkles at bay. I have spent too much time in front of the mirror trying for beauty perfection.

After reading True Beauty, I realize I am not alone. The authors, mother and daughter Carolyn Mahaney and Nicole Whitacre, have challenged me to a new beauty standard – a “True Beauty” standard. It looks a lot different than the one I have been trying to master in front of the mirror each morning.

It is a beauty standard that I can and should achieve as a Christian woman. True Beauty discusses beauty topics such as fashion, self-image, cosmetic surgery, and modesty. Topics are written in a manner relevant to our culture. It is a wonderful resource for counseling with young teens. Moms of teen daughters – if you are struggling with your daughter on clothing decisions or other beauty issues, please read this book. This book will equip you to be better able to have those talks with your daughter.

The authors also have a blog girltalk where they drew a lot of inspiration for the chapters written in True Beauty. They have enlightened me by helping me to see that God’s word really does have something to say about beauty. I have a new beauty regime to implement in my life for “True Beauty.” It is one that I can achieve – finally.

© Copyright 2014 by Rosi Fowler

O God, you are my God, earnestly I seek you – Psalm 63:1

This quote by John Calvin comes from Day 149 in the devotional Heart Aflame:

It is apparent that David never allowed himself to be so far overcome by his trials, as to cease lifting up his prayer to heaven, and even resting, with a firm and constant faith, upon the divine promises. Apt as we are, when assaulted by the very slightest trials, to lose the comfort of any knowledge of God we may previously have possessed, it is necessary that we should notice this, and learn, by his example, to struggle to maintain our confidence under the worst troubles that can befall us. He does more than simply pray; he sets the Lord before him as his God, that he may throw all his cares unhesitatingly upon him, deserted as he was of man, and a poor outcast in the waste and howling wilderness. His faith, shown in this persuasion of the favour and help of God, had the effect of exciting him to constant and vehement prayer for the grace which he expected.

Calvin, John. (1999). Heart Aflame Daily Readings from Calvin on the Psalms. Phillipsburg, NJ: P&R Publishing Company.

Cracker Barrel Mornings!

For the past twenty years or so my husband and I have established a regular morning date on his day off from work. Sometimes we miss a week or two for various reasons, and it hasn’t always been the same Cracker Barrel restaurant. But we know weekly, there is always a Cracker Barrel morning coming up.

After so many years of eating breakfast at Cracker Barrel, we have the menu memorized so that we can order without one. Sometimes the waitress will chuckle at our proficiency in placing our orders without skipping a beat. And we love it.

This is our time. We sit and linger over coffee and tea while we wait for our breakfast to arrive. When we finish and the dishes are cleared from the table, we sit and linger over more coffee and tea. We never know where our conversations will take us. We talk about everything. Sometimes we laugh and hold hands. Sometimes there are tears as we share. Sometimes we dream about our future. (And we dream big!) Sometimes we share words of encouragement.

Our Cracker Barrel mornings have not always been happy ones. We have had our moments when we didn’t like each other very much and the last thing we wanted was to spend a morning together. Yet, Cracker Barrel mornings are so established into our weekly life, we get in the car anyway and make our way there.

We may not talk much on the way to Cracker Barrel, which is about a twenty minute drive, and it can take us a while to warm up to each other once we get there. But then it happens. Our Cracker Barrel morning puts us back in the state of couple-ness where we can recognize us again. And there we are again, sitting and lingering over coffee and tea: talking, sharing, dreaming, etc.

I hope all married couples establish a weekly routine of dates that defines them as a couple in the years to come. We are so grateful we have our Cracker Barrel mornings.


© Copyright 2014 by Rosi Fowler