I began homeschooling when my first born son started second grade.  Since then, I have been homeschooling all three of my sons all the way through high school.  My first born son is 23 years old and in graduate school working on a PhD in physics.  My second born is in his junior year of undergraduate studies pursuing a ministry degree.  My third son graduates this year from high school.

It has been a great responsibility taking on the task of being a home educator.  But my husband and I made the commitment together, not only to educate, but also to be the prime influence in our sons’ growing up years.  My approach to homeschooling for the most part has been a “school is at home” approach.  It is what I felt most comfortable with, and my sons responded well.

We used a variety of curriculum for their education.  We used A Beka, Bob Jones, Apologia Sciences, Calvert, and other publishers.  Sometimes we even created our own. For instance, my husband created a three-year course on Christian Thought for the boys as well as a Church History course for senior year. These courses included an extensive list of Christian books for them to read and reflect on.

I currently serve on the board of our Homeschool Support Group.  We have monthly meetings and many other activities.  I love these support group meetings.  It has given me many opportunities with moms to answer their homeschooling questions, as well as provide counsel and encouragement for home educating and raising their children in the Lord.


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