2015-09-17 09.35.34
I love waking up to something different in South Florida. Most of the time it is sunny and hot! Today we have heavy rains and thunder. The sky is dark. The branches of the trees hang lower. There is a large puddle at the end of our driveway. Our front entry porch is wet.

My husband had to get to work this morning. So he put on his raincoat which he rarely wears. And he grabbed plastic grocery bags for his dress shoes and to carry his work belongings. We had a chance to try out our new umbrella. (We are always replacing our umbrellas.)

Driving was slow. The sides of the roads were flooded. Visibility was hindered. We had our headlights on and the wipers on high. Now mind you, we don’t have to travel major highways to get to my husband’s workplace. For that I am grateful!

But I don’t mind the rain. The rain is warm. I am so delighted and grateful to be living in South Florida. I love the rain and the sound of the ominous thunder. God bless our South Florida mornings!

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