If you are feeling out a shape in your walk with God, then Disciplines of a Godly Woman is a book you want to read. It is the cure to a “flabby soul” as Barbara Hughes says. I just finished reading this book, and it really inspired me to get myself on that godly training track. I found it  especially helpful as it was written for women.

Hughes is a seasoned pastor’s wife and a grandmother. And I love her heart for writing this book. She says, “I open my heart and thoughts to you with the hope that they will help you choose to train arduously in your pursuit of God and godliness and that you will submit to His plan for your life.”

There are fifteen disciplines that Hughes presents to us women as a challenge for a good “spiritual workout.” Her book explains the importance and understanding of each discipline, and she provides us with guidance to help us achieve each discipline. Hughes also includes extra helps at the end of the book.

I will keep coming back to this book again and again. It is a classic read for my bookshelf.

“…train yourself to be godly. For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things.” (1 Timothy 4-7).


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