For the past twenty years or so my husband and I have established a regular morning date on his day off from work. Sometimes we miss a week or two for various reasons, and it hasn’t always been the same Cracker Barrel restaurant. But we know weekly, there is always a Cracker Barrel morning coming up.

After so many years of eating breakfast at Cracker Barrel, we have the menu memorized so that we can order without one. Sometimes the waitress will chuckle at our proficiency in placing our orders without skipping a beat. And we love it.

This is our time. We sit and linger over coffee and tea while we wait for our breakfast to arrive. When we finish and the dishes are cleared from the table, we sit and linger over more coffee and tea. We never know where our conversations will take us. We talk about everything. Sometimes we laugh and hold hands. Sometimes there are tears as we share. Sometimes we dream about our future. (And we dream big!) Sometimes we share words of encouragement.

Our Cracker Barrel mornings have not always been happy ones. We have had our moments when we didn’t like each other very much and the last thing we wanted was to spend a morning together. Yet, Cracker Barrel mornings are so established into our weekly life, we get in the car anyway and make our way there.

We may not talk much on the way to Cracker Barrel, which is about a twenty minute drive, and it can take us a while to warm up to each other once we get there. But then it happens. Our Cracker Barrel morning puts us back in the state of couple-ness where we can recognize us again. And there we are again, sitting and lingering over coffee and tea: talking, sharing, dreaming, etc.

I hope all married couples establish a weekly routine of dates that defines them as a couple in the years to come. We are so grateful we have our Cracker Barrel mornings.


© Copyright 2014 by Rosi Fowler

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