My husband sent me a selfie this morning. I loved it. I tried sending him a selfie too, but I couldn’t find a selfie that I liked. So I didn’t. No matter how I moved my head or how I moved the phone around I couldn’t find an image I liked. Sigh!

I wish I had the confidence to snap selfies. I don’t like the way I look in them. I see a double chin, forehead wrinkles, baggy eyes, and a face that reminds me I need to work on losing weight.

I know so many women take selfies, and they send them out. And I think “Wow, they are so confident.” I wish I had that confidence, too. But I don’t like seeing my true likeness in these selfies. They are so unflattering.



But you know there is another selfie that is even harder to take.

That is taking a selfie of my heart condition. This selfie I can’t take with my phone. I take this selfie with the Word of God. The hardest time I have during my prayer time is confession. I don’t want to get into the ugly parts of my heart. I don’t want to enumerate my sins. I just want to say generic terms like: “Lord, please forgive my selfishness,” or “Please forgive me for my lack of love for his person.”

But every time I read God’s Word, I am forced to take a selfie of my heart and soul. There is no ignoring the fact that my heart selfie is not so good. I read the Bible and Jesus says, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” It is hard to read through these passages in my quiet time without feeling uncomfortable, and I just want to hurry and get to the end of the verses and move on.

The Bible is the camera that I hold out to take a picture of my soul. I don’t like the selfies I get from the Word of God. But I have no choice. God’s word is true. I must humble myself and know that I am not so righteous after all.

The selfie I want to see is the likeness of Christ in me. Although I am not willing to take a selfie with my phone, I am willing to take a selfie with God’s word. I may not like the selfie God’s word takes of my heart right now, but I know God is completing me, and one day it will be a perfect and righteous selfie. That is the selfie I want to see.

I don’t have the confidence to take selfies with my phone, but when it comes to Bible selfies, my confidence is Christ.

“Test me, Lord, and try me, examine my heart and my mind.” – Psalm 26:2

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