True Beauty, by Carolyn Mahaney and Nicole Whitacre

I just finished reading True Beauty for the second time. This time I took lots of notes on my laptop. What an amazing book for all Christian women both young and old to read. Have you ever gotten frustrated or discouraged about your looks? I have. And it has been more frustrating and discouraging as I have gotten older. My beauty woes have become obsessive trying to keep wrinkles at bay. I have spent too much time in front of the mirror trying for beauty perfection.

After reading True Beauty, I realize I am not alone. The authors, mother and daughter Carolyn Mahaney and Nicole Whitacre, have challenged me to a new beauty standard – a “True Beauty” standard. It looks a lot different than the one I have been trying to master in front of the mirror each morning.

It is a beauty standard that I can and should achieve as a Christian woman. True Beauty discusses beauty topics such as fashion, self-image, cosmetic surgery, and modesty. Topics are written in a manner relevant to our culture. It is a wonderful resource for counseling with young teens. Moms of teen daughters – if you are struggling with your daughter on clothing decisions or other beauty issues, please read this book. This book will equip you to be better able to have those talks with your daughter.

The authors also have a blog girltalk where they drew a lot of inspiration for the chapters written in True Beauty. They have enlightened me by helping me to see that God’s word really does have something to say about beauty. I have a new beauty regime to implement in my life for “True Beauty.” It is one that I can achieve – finally.

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