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I have three sons. They are now grown, and they love the Lord. I have always sought to pray for them faithfully and for myself as their mom. I got involved in Moms In Prayer International which helped guide me in my prayers for them. Here is a page from one of my prayer journals.

February 20, 2003

Dear Lord,

I confess I have blown it in the past. I know I have not been readily available. I know I have not been the witness of Christ to them. Please forgive me. I pray that you make me a godly mother once again. I pray that you make me wise in your word and ready to impart it upon my sons for their spiritual growth.

Help me not to forget to pray for them and with them.
Help me to always bring you into our conversations and disagreements.
Help me to train them up in righteousness.
Help me to truly enjoy them.
Help me to enjoy all their jokes and their joys of the day.
Help me to laugh and get carried away by all their happenings.
Help me to be an anchor and a rock for them.
Help me to be able to impart to them godly counsel.
Help me to truly dedicate myself completely to their spiritual growth.
Help me to make them my priority.
Help me not to lose my temper.
Help me not to mistreat them.
Help me to be filled with wisdom and faithful instruction for them.
Help me not to be selfish but to do my job as a mother and listen. (This is hard when they interrupt.)
Help me to raise them as godly men.
Help me to discern when they are truly disrespectful.
Help me to know how to discipline them and train them.
Help me to know how to deal with all their squabbles.
Help me to know how to pass on my faith filled with passion for God Almighty.
Help me to pass on a heart of servanthood.

Lord, strengthen me as their mother and enable me to complete this task until the day they leave our home. Thank you for giving me these boys. The challenge is great. Lord, I pray for your grace.

The task of raising children is hard.  As moms we have to allow ourselves lots of grace. The task is overwhelming and we can really beat ourselves up. “Did I do something wrong?  Did I do something to mess them up from ever receiving Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior?”  But we moms need to submit ourselves unto God daily. Be the women he has called us to be first.  And faithfully entrust the lives of our children to the Lord. We only have them for a short season, and then they are gone. Let’s persevere and do the job of raising a godly generation while we can.  Pray for their souls faithfully.  “I have set the Lord always before me. Because he is at my right hand I will never be shaken.” (Psalm 16:8)

Book Recommendation: This is a great read.  It is a  little old fashioned, but it contains wonderful inspiration on Raising Your Child to Love God (by Andrew Murray).


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8 comments on “A Mom’s Prayer for Help”

  1. I love Andrew Murray! This is a beautiful post, Rosi — love that prayer…. love YOU and love your three sons and so thankful they all know and love the Lord. Thanks for sharing and teaching us with this.

  2. This is a beautiful prayer and very relateable(except I only have one boy. HAHA!)
    Thank you for your prayers and guidance over your boys, because of this my daughter is reaping the benefits of having a godly husband to love, lead and guide her as well as walk beside her.Thanks Rosi! Love and miss you dear friend!!

  3. Navigand pe netul in limba romana uite ca am nimerit pe pagina dvs..
    Nu ma pot abtine sa nu zic ca sunt placut surprins de calitatea articolelor de pe acest sait si va urez cat mai mult succes!

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